Enviromental Testing

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Our experienced laboratory personnel are capable of doing all kinds of temperature and humidity (environmental) tests according to wide variety of standards including but not limited to:

Military Standards








IEC 60068-2-1

IEC 60068-2-2

IEC 60068-2-14

IEC 60068-2-30

IEC 60068-2-78

IEC 60945

ISO 16750-4

ISO 9022-2


CLAAS CN 050215

Environmental Test Chamber

At Electronics Test Centre, we understand that every project is unique. Not sure what standards you should adhere to for your project, or looking to do something other than what’s listed here or something within your own parameters?

Humidity Tests

Humidity, high or low temperatures are the most common environmental conditions your product might face. In our Airdrie (Alberta) facility, we have 5 Environmental Chambers to simulate different situations.

Walk-in Environmental Test Chamber


Thermotron WP-2000-THCM4-25-25


5m x 3.3m x 4m
16' x 10' x 12'

Temperature Range

-68° to +85° C

Cooling Performance

from +23°C to -60°C
in 120 minutes

Heating Performance

from -60°C to +23°C
in 120 minutes

Humidity Range

20 to 95 % RH

Temperature and humidity chambers for everyday tests

These environmental chambers have higher cooling and heating performance, as well as a wider temperature range compared to the walk-in chamber. They are perfect for small-sized projects in electronics, mechanical design and automation.






1m x 1m x 1.15m

39.5" x 39.5" x 45.5"

0.63m x 1.01m x 0.85m

25" x 40" x 33.5"

0.51(0.6)m x 0.51m x 0.64m

20 (23.25)" x 20" x 25"

Temperature range

-70° to +180° C

-70° to +180° C

-68° to +177° C

No static or dynamic load

Cooling Performance
+85° to -40°

30 min

22 min

13 min

Heating Performance
-40° to +85°


16 min

10 min

23kg/50lb of Aluminum static load

Cooling Performance
+85° to -40° C

49 min

40 min

no data available

Heating Performance
-40° to +85° C

44 min

38 min

no data available

Humidity Range

20 to 95 %

20 to 95 %

20 to 95 %

Rapid Change of Temperatures Chamber

Looking for really extreme conditions? Our Qualmark Typhoon 1.5 temperature chamber can cool down or warm up your project with a fabulous 70°C/min ramp! It also has a very wide temperature range - from -100°C to +200°C and uses LN2 as a boost. This is the perfect unit for rigorous testing of smaller components.

Water & Ice Tests

Ice Testing

A number of industrial and military standards regulate water and ice protection for enclosures, instruments, and other electronical and mechanical devices. Depending on your project’s water-proof class and potential location it might need to pass:


Dust Tests

dust ingressIEC 60529 is one of the most popular standards for dust protection. Units that pass this test have IP5X or IP6X class of protection “Against ingress of solid foreign objects”.

Dust-protected enclosures classified as IP5X allow a limited quantity of dust to penetrate inside, where as IP 6X class of protection doesn’t allow any dust inside the unit.

Usually this test is combined with water tests for IPX7 or IPX8 class protection.

Corrosion Tests

ETC-Airdrie has the facilities to do various corrosion tests including salt fog, acidified salt fog, and corrosion by means of immersion.

Salt fog or salt spray tests are usually performed in accordance with MIL-STD-810, DO-160 and ASTM B117. We can also perform variations of these standards by implementing ASTM G85, as well as customer-defined specifications.

We also offer NEMA 250 4X: 1200-hour Moist Carbon Dioxide – Sulfur Dioxide – Air Test (in accordance with UL 1332). This test is widely used by enclosure manufacturers and companies for NEMA 250 certification.

Electronics Test Centre offers corrosion test by means of immersion in accordance with GR-771-CORE “Generic Requirements for Fiber Optic Splice Closures.”

To date, there is no direct correlation between real outdoor exposure and accelerated salt fog testing because real weather is so unpredictable. However, salt spray testing is widely used to compare the reactions of different materials, coatings and treatment methods in the design process and for quality control purposes.


Altitude Tests

Altitude Chamber

Products installed inside aircrafts should pass an altitude test according to military or aviation standards ASAE EP 455, MIL-STD-810, RTCA/DO-160 etc.

Our altitude test chambers simulate altitude, overpressure, and rapid decompression from 90 000 to 15 000 feet.







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